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Sharps Handling Kit.


Replacement Pack: 12 x 1 litre Sharps bins, 12 pairs of disposable forceps, 12 individually wrapped cleaning wipes and 1 pack of Guest Medical Biohazard Wipes.


Multi-Use Kit for the safe collection, handling and disposal of ‘sharps’.

For the safe handling and removal of broken glass, blades, needles and other sharp objects, this kit provides all necessary equipment including protective gloves and two UN3291 Standard sharps disposal bins.

Contents: 4 pairs nitrile gloves, 2 x 1 litre Sharps bins, 4 individually wrapped cleaning wipes, 1 pack of Guest Medical Biohazard Wipes, 4 pairs of disposable forceps, 1 folding pick-up tool and full instructions for use.

Replacement Packs are also available.