ScatterGuard Biliary Split Drape


How to Order:

ScatterGuard Biliary Drape is used in operations such transjugular intrahepatic porosystemic shunt and other fluoroscopic procedures.

During procedures requiring fluoroscopy, direct beam radiation contacts a patient and “scatters” towards the surgeon and other personnel. “The scattered radiation from the patient comprises the main source of radiation dose to staff.” – International Atomic Energy Agency
Protect yourself and your team with Scatterguard drapes. Tested in accordance with ASTM and IEC standards, ScatterGuard products provide excellent protection for fluoro-lab and operating suite personnel during interventional procedures. They are lightweight, lead free, conform to the patient’s body and are disposable through normal waste procedures

Scatterguard cap will block up to 95% of the scatter radiation that could otherwise adversely impact your brain, health and the longevity of your career.

Drape Dimensions: BX QTY Dimensions
Angiography Drape 15 14.5 x 16 w 1.5" circle fenestration
Biliary Split Drape 15 12" x 17" w Center Slit Fenestration
EP Shield Drape 15 12 x 17" w 3.5 x 1.5" fenestration
Multipurpose Drape 15 12" x 16"
Multipurpose Drape w Fenestration 15 12" x 17" / 3.5" x 2" fenestration
Peripheral Drape 10 34" x 12"