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Oasis, packed in cartons of 960 tablets, (96 strips of 10 tablets).


Oasis Plus, packed in cartons of 1,200 tablets, (150 strips of 8 tablets).


Oasis 1000, packed in tubs of 200 x 3.25g tablets, 6 tubs to a case.


Oasis 3000, packed in tubs of 100 x 9.7g tablets, 6 tubs to a case.


Where water purification is important, whether it be for your holiday or business trip abroad, camping, caravanning or for industrial use in water storage tanks, air conditioning units etc., there is an Oasis tablet available that will suit your particular needs.

Oasis tablets are manufactured using Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), the chlorine-producing agent that has been proven to be effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms and is used by most hospitals in the U.K. for environmental disinfection.

The 17mg tablet is available in handy sized foil wrapped strips. One tablet will safely disinfect one litre of water. Thus it is ideally suited to the traveller abroad fitting neatly into handbag, pocket or briefcase. Paying careful attention to the disinfection of water for drinking, teeth cleaning, cooking and ice making can prevent those uncomfortable illnesses that ruin holidays and seriously affect your business concentration.

The other tablets in the Oasis range will disinfect larger volumes of water for catering, water tanks and new pipe installations. Consult our office for advice on the most suitable tablet for your own particular requirements.