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NHSBT and Blood Sciences Laboratory Spills Kit.


NHSBT Absorbent Granules – Carton of 12 shakers.


Designed to meet the specific requirements of the UK NHS Blood and Transplant Service in dealing with spillages of donor blood.

The NHSBT and Blood Sciences Laboratory Spills Kit is also suitable for Hospital Blood Transfusion Departments in case of leakage from a blood bag and Blood Science Laboratories in Pathology Departments.

As chlorine reacts adversely with the anticoagulant used in donor blood, we have designed a chlorine-free product to absorb such spills. The use of a non-chlorine based product on donor blood is acceptable as it has already beed screened for virus contamination. However as a final safety precaution the kit contains Haz-Tab tablets and a diluter in order to make up a 10,000ppm chlorine solution to disinfect the area of the spill after it has been absorbed and removed.

Contents: 1 shaker of NHSBT Absorbent Granules, 1 tub of 100 Haz-Tab Tablets (4.5g NaDCC), 1 Haz-Tab Diluter, 10 Hazard Scoops and Scrapers, 10 paper towels, 20 nitrile gloves, 10 aprons, 10 clinical waste bags and an instruction card.

NHSBT Absorbent Granules are also available to purchase separately for use as a stand-alone inert absorbent or as a replacement for the NHSBT and Blood Sciences Laboratory Spills Kit.