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Mercury Spills Kit.


Replacement Collection Units – Carton of 4 Units.


This simple but effective kit enables staff to deal safely and easily with mercury spills with a minimum amount of training required.

The Mercury Spills Kit contains everything that will be needed with the exception of a mercury vapour protection respirator*.

Contents:  2 Collection Units, each containing a mercury aspirator (syringe), scrapers, amalgamating powder, collection sponges, protective apron and protective nitrile gloves. Additionally the kit contains re-usable items such as the mercury spill warning card, dampening spray, warning tape and full instructions for use.

Everything that is used goes back into the Collection Unit, which is then sealed with the tape and the whole unit then goes to disposal according to Local Authority Regulations or official hospital procedure.

Replacement Collection Units are available in cartons of 4 pieces.


*Note: The Health & Safety Commission indicate in their publication, Safe Disposal of Clinical Waste (1999), that a mercury vapour mask is to be used when dealing with spills and should be available in areas where mercury containing apparatus is used.