The European Union radiation protection standard, EN 61331-1:2014 (“IEC 2014”), is a comprehensive standardized testing regulation utilizing broad beam geometries for determining x-ray attenuation performance of apron core materials. The IEC 2014 standard ensures all apron core materials, regardless of elements present, are compared fairly with all emitted radiation being detected and accounted for. The IEC standard exposes deep flaws in lead free core materials that meet the ASTM standard. The birth of new materials such as lead-free, “bilayers”, are a direct result of strict testing parameters set by the IEC 2014 standard. To pass IEC 2014, lead-free materials will have to be roughly 10 – 20% heavier than traditional lead-free materials that currently pass the ASTM Standard.

Standard Lead IEC

Created with emulsion polymers and the purest form of lead particles and stabilizers. Our standard lead option is the heaviest of the four core materials we offer. Though heavy, pure lead vinyl is also the most affordable and consistently provides protection over a wide range of kVp.

Bi-layer IEC

A trade secret combination of antimony and bismuth layers designed to meet new IEC standards. Protech’s bi-layer material is 10-15% lighter than lead and protects against fluorescent “secondary” x-ray.

Lead Free IEC

Created with emulsion polymers, antimony, bismuth and stabilizers, Our lead-free material is the industry leader in lightweight IEC-compliant protection. It is 10% lighter than lead. Environmentally safe, our lead free material can be disposed of through normal waste protocols.