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Haz-Tab Granules – 500g granules per shaker. Carton of 12 shakers.


Hazard Scoops and Scrapers – 50 per pack.


For the effective disinfection and disposal of blood and blood-stained body fluid spillages.

The most efficient way to deal with a body fluid spillage is to absorb it.1 The Guest Medical high absorbency chlorine releasing disinfectant Haz-Tab Granules ensure that spillages containing blood can be removed with maximum protection to the operative.

Haz-Tab Granules combine the disinfection action of Troclosene sodium (NaDCC) with an absorbent to offer the most effective method to safely and easily contain, disinfect and remove a spillage containing blood, all in accordance with the recommendations of the UK Department of Health for the disinfection of blood and blood-stained body fluid spillages.2 In addition, Haz-Tab Granules have been shown to be preferred by ward nursing staff because of their simplicity and ease of use.3

Haz-Tab Granules have proven effective against fungi, viruses, mycobacteria, bacteria and spores.


Hazard Scoops and Scrapers

Guest Medical Hazard Scoops and Scrapers can be used in combination with Haz-Tab Granules to provide extra protection for staff dealing with spillages containing blood.

Designed to keep the fingers safely clear of the spillage, Guest Medical Hazard Scoops and Scrapers are particularly applicable when broken glass, needles or other sharps are associated with the spillage.


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