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50ml Pocket Bottle with rocker top – Carton of 10 bottles.


500ml Container – Carton of 12 Containers.


Especially formulated for frequent users

The practice of good hand hygiene has been shown to prevent the spread of microorganisms in all situations, but is of particular importance in healthcare environments.

Guest Medical Hand Wash for frequent use has been especially formulated for healthcare workers. This scientifically balanced combination of deep cleansing agents, emollients and skin care ingredients will gently, yet efficiently, clean your hands whilst providing maximum protection against drying and irritation.


The Pocket Bottle

Conveniently sized 50ml bottle with rocker top for everyday use.


The 500ml Container

The freestanding 500ml Hand Wash Containers with plunger dispensers are ideal for offices, kitchens, healthcare surgeries, care homes and other facilities and areas including the home.