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Dispette 2 ESR Kit – 1 Kit (100 tests).


5 place ESR Stand.


For measurement of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is one of the most widely used laboratory tests throughout the world, the usefulness of which has been reported by many clinicians as a screening test for general illness or as a marker that can reflect the severity of acute inflammatory disease.


Dispette 2

This is a specialised single-use shatter-proof system which has been manufactured to Westergren Standard dimensions, making it the most reliable and safe choice for qualitative testing of ESR.

The Dispette 2 incorporates many safety features including an overflow chamber and a pierceable filling chamber cap designed to prevent spillage of blood during use and disposal. The filling reservoir comes pre-filled with 0.25ml Trisodium citrate solution and has an enlarged mixing area. Full instructions for use are included with each kit.

5 place ESR Stand

The 5 place ESR Stand incorporates a wrap-around design for draught protection and two-point securing for the pipette and filling reservoir assembly. A levelling bubble and adjustable screws enable the user to ensure that the pipette tubes are precisely vertical, which is essential for accurate and reproducible results.