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Alcohol Surface Wipes – 160 wipes per tub (wipe size 150 x 200mm).  Carton of 6 tubs.


Alcohol Surface Wipes – 200 wipes per tub (wipe size 200 x 200mm). Carton of 6 tubs.


Alcohol Surface Wipes – individually wrapped (wipe size 260 x 210mm). Carton of 50 wipes.


For rapid disinfection of surfaces and equipment that may be damaged by other disinfectants

Guest Medical Alcohol Surface Wipes are manufactured using poly viscose substrate (spunlace for the individually wrapped wipes) impregnated with 70% isopropanol.

The Alcohol Surface Wipes provide rapid and simple disinfection of electrical apparatus, equipment and other surfaces in clinical areas that may be damaged by water or where other chemical disinfectants may not be appropriate.

70% alcohol disinfectants are effective against vegetative bacteria, including Mycobacteria, MRSA, VRE and ESBLs. However its action against viruses is considered to be variable.

These wipes are not sporicidal in action. For sporicidal wipes, please see our Biohazard Wipes.

Guest Medical Alcohol Surface Wipes are available in three convenient sizes: 200 wipe tub (wipe size 200 x 200mm) , 160 wipe tub (wipe size 150 x 200mm) and 50 individually wrapped wipes (wipe size 260 x 210mm).

When used appropriately, Alcohol Surface Wipes provide a convenient and useful method of disinfecting special surfaces that is both rapid in action and effective.