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Foodsaf 1g (0.4g NaDCC) Tablet  – 56 foil wrapped tablets per pack. Carton of 6 packs.


Foodsaf 3.25g (1.7g NaDCC) Tablets –  100 tablets per tub.            Carton of 6 tubs.


For salad and vegetable washing and the disinfection of food preparation areas and equipment.

Throughout the world, the catering industry follow HACCP guidelines that require all raw fruits and vegetables to be thoroughly washed with suitable sanitisers before preparation. In the UK there is widespread acceptance for the use of chlorine based disinfectants for such purposes.

Foodsaf Tablets, formulated using the chlorine donor Troclosene sodium (NaDCC), have been designed for safe and convenient disinfection of salads, vegetables, raw non-peelable fruits, as well as food preparation surfaces, tiles, floors and equipment.

The versatility of the Foodsaf Tablets means they can be used to disinfect produce to be consumed within a short period of time, as well as for in-flight catering and the sandwich making industry where there is a lengthy time-lapse between preparation and consumption.

The tablets are non-tainting so will not affect the taste or appearance of the produce.


Foodsaf Tablets have been proven effective against foodborne pathogens (including; E.coli, Salmonella species, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus) and in reducing food spoilage to prolong the life of raw-foods such as salads.

Certified with: BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, BS EN 13727, BS EN 14476, BS EN 13624,   BS EN 13704, BS EN 13697.