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Foetal Red Cell Detection Kit (Kleihauer Kit).


A standardised manual elution technique to detect foetal haemoglobin in maternal blood.

This test is used to determine the significance of a transplacental bleed and the need for further prophylaxis to prevent haemolytic disease of the newborn.


The Guest Medical Foetal Red Cell Detection Kit does not require the addition of a coplin jar for the staining procedure. The ready to use reagents are standardised and stabilised, thus providing comparative reproducible results and reducing the laboratory time necessary when staining within a coplin jar.

Complete staining time: 6 minutes (plus drying time).


Each kit contains 2 x 100ml fixative, 2 x 100ml eluting reagent and 2 x 100ml counterstain (for approximately 150 tests) together with full instructions for use.