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Silicone Tourniquet


The Guest Medical Silicone Tourniquets have been designed to offer the simple operation, durability and reusability of the classic fabric tourniquets whilst ensuring the highest hygiene standards are met.

The Guest Medical Silicone Tourniquet offers the same comfort and efficient slide and break mechanism as featured in our classic fabric tourniquets with the added feature of being easily disinfected between patient use.

The durable silicone material can be disinfected using alcohol wipes between patients and can withstand autoclaving at temperatures up to 134°C when higher levels of disinfection are required.

Offering the comfort of a 25mm wide soft and gentle band, they also feature a button that will gradually release the pressure but without ‘breaking’, thus allowing the band to be re-tightened with a one-handed operation.

The Guest Medical Silicone Tourniquet aids in reducing the costs and waste associated with single-use disposable tourniquets, whilst ensuring high levels of disinfection can be achieved in a reusable and sustainable manner.