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Single-Use Cytotoxic Drug Spill Pack – Carton of 5 Packs.


Spills of cytotoxic drugs present special problems which can be overcome simply and safely using the Guest Medical Single-Use Cytotoxic Drug Spill Pack.

No need to use absorbent granules.

No more using scoops and scrapers to clear up spill.

Simply use an absorbent pad.

The Single-Use Cytotoxic Drug Spill Pack contains all necessary items required to safely and efficiently absorb and remove the spillage in an easily transportable handy sized pack. Each pack contains an super absorbent pad to provide a simple method for collecting small spillages of liquid (up to 500ml).

Contents: Super absorbent pad, protective face mask with visor, nitrile gloves, apron, detergent wipe, cytotoxic waste disposal waste bag and full instructions for use which are observable without opening the packaging.