Guest Medical, established in 1972, is a United Kingdom based manufacturer and supplier of hospital disinfection products. We specialise in the supply of specialist disinfectants that meet the specific needs and current challenges of modern health care facilities.

Accredited to the International Quality Assurance Standard, BS:EN ISO 9001:2015, Guest Medical is a major supplier to the United Kingdom National Health Service as well as the private sector. We also have a thriving export market and are internationally recognised for our expertise in hospital disinfection.

Guest Medical was the first company to produce a specialised biohazard spill kit for medical laboratories, followed by other designs more suited to phlebotomists and hospital ward use. We were also the first company to offer a chlorine based product with cleaning action (Chlor-Clean) to the National Health Service. Other notable ‘firsts’ developed by Guest Medical include a Cytotoxic Drugs Spill Kit, a Urine and Vomit Spills Kit and Aquasan, a non-toxic bacteriostatic additive for laboratory water baths and incubators.

Our recent innovation, the Biohazard Wipe-Pak, dispenses with the need to use messy granules and powders to disinfect blood and blood stained body fluid spillages. You can now simply use our dry chlorine based wipes to absorb and disinfect the spillage at a minimum 10,000ppm available chlorine to comply fully with Department of Health recommendations. The use of fewer components to clear the spillage (no need for a scoop / scraper and chlorine tablets to make up an additional chlorine solution to use on vertical surfaces) means the more economic use of resources and time.

Our renowned creation is the ‘Tottle’, a personal alcohol hand rub dispenser that clips on to the users uniform and is always available in any location. Now copied by every major supplier of alcohol hand rub, the Tottle has made a major contribution to hospital hand hygiene throughout the world.

Our ongoing research and development programme is committed to developing new products to meet the future needs of health care world-wide.