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Community Nurse Hand Hygiene Pack – Carton of 10 Packs.


50ml Pocket Bottle Hand Wash with rocker top.                                  Carton of 10 Pocket Bottles.


50ml Pocket Bottle Hand Lotion.                                                             Carton of 10 Pocket Bottles.


50ml Pocket Bottle Alcohol Hand Rub with spray head.                        Carton of 10 Pocket Bottles.


Paper Towels – 160 per pack.


Designed by a Community Nurse for domiciliary visits this handy little carry-pack contains everything that you need for maintaining your hand hygiene standards to a professional level.

The pack contains an Alcohol Hand Rub Pocket Bottle with spray head, Hand Wash, Hand Lotion and soft disposable paper towels and hand. In situations where the facilities for hand washing are not entirely suitable, the Guest Medical Community Nurse Hand Hygiene Pack will provide the essentials wherever and whenever you may need them.

We also supply replacement packs of Alcohol Hand Rub, Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.