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Multi-Use Chemical Spills Kit.


Acid Neutralising Powder – 500g powder per shaker.                     Carton of 2 shakers.


Alkali Neutralising Powder – 500g powder per shaker.                    Carton of 2 shakers.


Neutralisation of acid or alkali spillages is important to ensure a safe environment after the removal of the liquid. The Guest Medical Chemical Spills Kit contain all the necessary items including personal protective equipment (PPE) to deal with these spillages safely and efficiently.

Multi-Use Chemical Spills Kit

Designed for the containment and clean-up of chemical spillages including acids, alkalis and solvents. This kit contains neutralising powders specific for acid or alkali spillages and pads for absorption of solvents and other chemical spillages in one case that can be carried to the area where it is needed.

The two specific neutralising powders will absorb the acid or alkali spillage and change colour to indicate when the spillage is safe to remove.

Each absorbent pad is capable of absorbing up to 500ml of liquid.

Contents: 2x shakers of Acid Neutralising Powder, 2x shakers of Alkali Neutralising Powder, 2x super absorbent pads, 4x Hazard Scoops and Scrapers, 2x disposable forceps, 6x chemical waste disposal bags, 6x detergent wipes, 6x pairs of disposable chemical resistant nitrile-neoprene gloves, 6x aprons, 2x Type IIR disposable face masks, 1x pair of re-usable goggles (BS EN 166 conformant) and full instructions for use.

Chemical Pad Compatibility Chart