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Single-Use Biohazard Spill Pack – Carton of 10 Packs.


Single-Use Biohazard Spill Pack – Carton of 50 Packs.


Carton of 10 Mixed Spill Packs – 5 Single-Use Urine and Vomit and 5 Single-Use Biohazard Spill Packs.


For hospital wards, departments, laboratories, clinics or doctors’ surgeries a sudden and unexpected spillage of blood or any other body fluid, is both distressing and potentially dangerous.

Using the Guest Medical Single-Use Biohazard Spill Pack the hazard can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and above all safely.

The Guest Medical Single-Use Biohazard Spill Pack has been designed to enable staff in many walks of life to conform to the recommendations of the Department of Health for the safe collection and disposal of blood and blood-stained body fluid spills.

Single-Use Spill Pack for safe disposal of small blood spills

First aid personnel in offices, schools or industry are often faced with minor blood spills (e.g. nose-bleeds, cut fingers etc.), but regardless of size, blood spills present a serious hazard to staff and must be dealt with in a professional manner. The Single-Use Biohazard Spill Pack provides the means to safely deal with such spills. Used in a similar way to the larger Multi-Use Biohazard Spills Kits, the Single-Use Biohazard Spill Pack is ideal for areas where small spillages (30ml or less) occur. By following the easy instructions on the pack, staff can safely absorb, disinfect and dispose of the potential hazard.

Contents: 100ml absorbent Haz-Tab Granules, Hazard Scoop and Scraper, 4 x 0.5g NaDCC Mini Haz-Tab Tablets, 2 paper towels, nitrile gloves, apron, clinical waste disposal bag and full instructions for use.