Apron Wall Rack Console


How to Order:

Prolong the life of your radiation protective garment with our apron wall rack console.

Each console holds up to 5 radiation aprons with the combined left and right consoles storing up to 10 aprons. The wall console features hooks on the bottom of the hangers for lead skirts.

*Does not include mounting hardware.

Product Information

  1. Model – AS-WALL-L & AS-WALL-R
  2. Storage Type – Wall Mount
  3. Storage Capacity – 5 aprons per Console
  4. Total Capacity – 10 Lead Aprons
  5. Product Dimensions: 26.5” Width x 10” Height x 22.5 Depth
    • Note: Depth is the dimension/length of the hangers
  6. Net Weight – 7 lbs
  7. Shipping Weight – 8 lbs