Guest Tourniquets

Guest Tourniquets

  • Code
  • Clown. S4642/C
  • Dinosaur / Caveman. S4642/D
  • Multicoloured. S4642/M
  • Grey. S4642/G
  • Paediatric Tourniquet. S4642/J
  • Ergonomic Tourniquet - Blue. S4643/B
  • Ergonomic Tourniquet - Pink. S4643/P
  • Barcode. S4642/B
  • Leopard. S4642/L
  • Zebra. S4642/Z
  • Ergonomic Tourniquet - Red. S4643/R
  • Vampire. S4642/V
  • 'Value for money' Tourniquet - Pink. S4644/P
  • 'Value for money' Tourniquet - Black. S4644/B
  • 'Value for money' Tourniquet - Blue. S4644/DB
  • 'Value for money' Tourniquet - Green. S4644/G
  • 'Value for money' Tourniquet - Red. S4644/R
  • 'Value for money' Torniquet - Grey / Teal S4644/GG
  • 'Value for money' Tourniquet - Green / Yellow S4644/GY

Adult Tourniquet

The 'colourful' Guest Tourniquets with their unique variety of designs offer the comfort of a 24 mm wide elasticated band coupled with a quick ‘break’ release mechanism. They also feature a button that will gradually release the pressure but without ‘breaking’, thus allowing the band to be re-tightened with a one-handed operation.

The Guest Tourniquet is simple to operate, durable and offers all the features of higher priced tourniquets, together with our interesting and colourful band designs.

In addition to the standard tourniquets, we have recently introduced a new style ergonomically designed clip mechanism which is available with a plain blue, pink or red strap. This offers smoother slide and break operation and a more economical alternative to the 'colourful' tourniquets.

We have also introduced a series of 'value for money' tourniquets, again with quick and slow release mechanisms.

Paediatric Tourniquet

This newly introduced model has both the quick-break and gradual release mechanisms featured in our adult-size tourniquets but it is only half the width (12mm). The above left picture shows the tourniquet next to an adult model.  The elasticated band in plain red remains soft and gentle for small limbs.

See the Labmobile page for details about our special phlebotomy trolley, with a variety of drawer options and sharps bin mounting.